Review ::: Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Hi there!!
What's going on?

I've just tried new product for me, but famous for many years in Japan. 👧
It's Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder.
It's available in Thailand this month at Matsumoto Kiyoshi (MatsuKiyo).
Let's have a look.

I picked the trial set, 15 capsules in a bag.
It costs about 270 THB [including 10% discount in launching month].
(about 7.8 USD or 876.35 JPY)

There're many products from Suisai available in many sizes.
Each capsule has 0.4 g of washing powder.
At first, I thought it was too less to use for all over my face but I was wrong.

The Beauty Consultant at MatsuKiyo told me that I should use it once a day to avoid irritation because I have dry, allergic skin.

I searched for the information about this washing powder.
I found out that it's very good to clean impurity on skin.
Thus, you'll get clean and smooth skin.
I wonder if it's true?

I have some troubles with my skin those are pimple, unsmoothness and dull skin.
So, Try it!!

The capsule is in hexagon shape with foil cap that can open from 2 sides.
Somebody use half for each and recap but I use it all.
This package makes us easy to keep them without worrying about humidity that can affect to the powder.

Using ::
1. Wet your face.
2. Pour the powder in palm.
3. Drop some water (not much, you can add water more if it's not enough) into the powder.
4. Whip it into bubble.
5. Apply on your face, especially on nose, forehead and chin.
6. Rinse off with fresh water.

It doesn't have perfume, so good.

After using it :: Result >>

1st day
My skin was so clean and the pimple is easy to remove.

2nd day
My skin was so clean and the pimple is easy to remove.
My skin gets dry.

The bubble foam was soft and firm, I like that so much.
If you use the net that help creating bubble, huge bubble is available too. 😁

So, I think it's good for dry, allergy skin to use this powder but shouldn't use it frequently. 💕
I think I will use it continuously, every 2-3 days cleaning.

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